I have always had a love for photography. At the start just the camera itself caught my interest.
How it functioned, the sound of the shutter, the feel of the camera in your hands.
In high school and college I learned how to develop an image from film to negative to print. And how critical not only capturing that special image was, but how important each step of the process was. Hours of work would go into that image that magically appeared on the paper.

Times and technology have changed. But I still love viewing the world through the lens. Hearing the shutter as it opens and closes. Digital processing has given us so many more tools and has opened up a world of creativity that was not possible before.

My first love is sports photography. Action photos freeze that moment in time that passes so quickly. Portraits and landscapes touch our hearts, and aid in our memory of people and times gone by. Photography is such a wonderful tool for us.

I am available for team and individual pictures, action ( game day), and portraits.

Custom pictures and images are also available, and I can work with you to create a unique specialty image.

I hope you enjoy the site and the sample galleries. Feel free to contact me by clicking the contact me link on the left side of any page.

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